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Have You Been Chasing the Wrong Things? Rediscover the Life-Giving Pursuit of Holiness.

It's so easy to unconsciously drift into chasing empty things instead of pursuing God's holiness. We gravitate toward what "feels good" instead of what aligns with Scripture's correction and guidance. Before we know it, we're far off course, chasing fleeting distractions rather than lasting fruit.

In this teaching, I uncover the dangers of drifting into chasing ungodly things. You'll rediscover what God says about righteous pursuit and get back on track with passionately chasing holiness.

I'll provide practical ways to stop chasing distractions and realign your heart to chase God's presence and righteous living. You'll walk away inspired, equipped and refocused on joyfully pursuing holiness above all else. Don't settle for chasing temporary things. Rediscover the abundant life waiting for you in the godly pursuit of holiness!

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0:00 - Opener: Good and Evil
9:09 - What Is Our Reference Point of “Good”?
14:11 - Drifting Away
17:47 - The Word of God Is under Attack
24:12 - 2 Different Aspects of Holiness
36:08 - Keeping His Commandments
39:10 - Give God Your Whole Heart
42:36 - Closing Prayer


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