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Islam is FALSE: Prove Us Wrong and Make Us Muslim LIVE

4 Views· 31 October 2023
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Attention all Muslims: Apostacy is growing. Critics are winning the intellectual battle and Islam is faltering. It's time you do something about this. It only take one good argument to save you prophet and god and end the apostacy problem. Do you have one?

This Wednesday, October 26 at 7pm eastern (11pm UTC) @AdamSeeker and @ReasonedAnswers are having an open mic night for any and any brave Muslim to call-in and prove Islam to be true. Adam grew up as a Muslims and spent years trying to prove Islam true and at the end of the road, he ended up a Christian. Thaddeus (Reasoned Answers) has been involved with apologetics for more than two decades and believes in Christianity solely because of the evidence he has found. He now focuses mostly outreach to Muslims through criticism of Islam. Can you put us in our place?

Let's hear you arguments LIVE and see who is right - Allah or the apostates and critics. Come ready with your best arguments to prove Islam true - no line of argument is off limits. Just be ready to actually defend your religion and stay on topic when challenged. Adam and Thaddeus have both changed our views on religion over the years and so can be persuaded by evidence to do it again. So what are you waiting for? Step right up, and let's hear your best arguments.

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